Thursday, April 4, 2013

An Open Letter to Waqar Zaka

Dear Mr. Zaka,

This letter is in response to an email you have sent me that I found lying in my spam mail today. Since you and a lot of my others might be wondering why the famous Waqar Zaka would write me an email on my personal email address, let me give a bit of the background.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mr. Zaka, Why You No Stick To Television?

On April 1 2013, I logged on to the Express Tribune online page as a routine and was taken by surprise by this little headline in the right corner that read: ‘Waqar Zaka hopes to go from cobra to constituency.' Though I am not one of Mr. Zaka’s fans, god knows why my intuition made me click that story and I went on to give it a read. I already knew about the cobra part, but the constituency bit smelled fishy considering the Elections 2013 are just round the corner – And there I had it – Waqar Zaka plans to contest the Elections 2013. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

An Apology

Hello readers,

How have you all been? I am sorry I have not been able to post anything significant for quite sometime. While I have missed writing I became a bit of a lazy couch potato ever since I got married in June. Finally when I got over my laziness syndrome I realized I have way too much on my plate. In all this while I came across loads of interesting juicy stuff to write about but sadly I am way too late now. But never mind. We live in a land that always has something interesting to offer everyday. I already have a lot going on at my top processor but i need to get myself organized first. I promise I will hit back with a bang very soon. Until then enjoy my existing posts.
i will see you guys soon.

Happy reading :-)