Thursday, November 17, 2011

PTA Bans 1500 words for SMS.

The Government of Pakistan has passed yet another epic legislation. PTA has issued a list of about 1500 words from English and Urdu words that are now banned to be used in an SMS. Now I do not know to what extent PTA would be able to achieve this absurd goal successfully but the comprehensively compiled world list that has been issued by the PTA is worth giving a read. So for all who were looking for the list. Here you go. Happy Reading ;)

PTA Banned List for Urdu words:

PTA Banned List for English words:


  1. Thanks Irfan. More stuff coming soon. Been busy for a while

  2. 'Mango' is in the list. Sometimes, mangoes are just too sweet, and I guess they found that offensive.